“Neil and his crew were top-notch talent technically, paying attention to the finest details, but what made the experience special is how they consistently asked the right questions.  Instead of the equipment and technology taking the focus, Neil really lets the story of the project take the lead.”

“There’s an art to working your butt off and still having fun.  That’s the art of Neil and the Sperra crew.  Shooting can be stressful, but his crew allowed us to keep it light and fun, even when deadlines weren’t on our side.”

“Perhaps the best work Neil does is before the shoot begins.  When we talked on the phone to prepare, his questions were specific and astute.  Then he takes that information and makes our job easy.  The best film crew goes unnoticed, because they make it look easy.  It WASN’T easy, but the Bontrager film crew make it look that way.”

Trent Wagler

The Steel Wheels, Harrisonburg, VA

Neil and the Sperra crew breathe energy and life into every project they do!  Neil’s abundant creativity is matched with his professionalism and expertise.  He has a tremendous eye behind the camera and a tremendous mind for the vision of a project. Neil is a delight to work with and will take any project you have and produce something even greater than what you first imagined!

Courtney Doctor

Communicator, Saint Louis, MO

Neil has a very unique ability to make art functional. Whether conceptualizing the color scheme for the interior or exterior of a home or planning the art direction of a film or transforming a stage for any range of productions, he creates with the user in mind. And by ‘user’ I don’t just mean the consumer or audience. He keeps crew and team members in mind as he builds his designs. That’s why I choose to work with him. 

Krysta Masciale

Principle, Big Deal Branding, Los Angles, CA

I have enjoyed working with Neil over the years because of his unique ability to make the scene a calm and peaceful place to be while shooting.   I appreciate his rare talents in creating the content and directing, producing, and editing the finished product.

Reg Boothe

Developer, Reflection Ridge, Wichita, KS

“I have had the privilege of working with Neil and the Sperra team on several of our church projects including a capital campaign which generated 3.5 million dollars!  An integral part of that campaign was a video produced by NBFV.  Not only was the final product excellent but Neil’s creative insight was essential in the design phase as well.”

Chris Walsh

Executive Pastor, First Mennonite Brethren Church, Wichita, KS

Neil just really has an eye for capturing the essence and heart of the project.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s just a great guy to work with either.

Matt Hampton

Executive Director, Lose the Training Wheels, Wichita, KS

It has been my pleasure to collaborate with Neil Bontrager on a number of challenging client projects. Neil is a creative and a great communicator who is also blessed with strong strategic thinking and finishing skills. He has the ability to see the big idea behind a project and build just the right team to pull all the details together. Most importantly, though, Neil is a good man. He’s humble, honest, kind and operates with the highest standard of integrity. Working with Neil has elevated our brand.

Jeffrey Carney

Partner, The Strategy Group LLC

With Neil you get much more than a seasoned producer with a creative eye towards production; you get a trustworthy individual who collaborates, adapts to change, engages client input and always goes the extra mile.  You can’t go wrong with Neil and the Sperra crew.

Paul Petitte

Vice President Marketing & Public Relations, Wesley Medical Center, Wichita, KS

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